3 Simple Ways to Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation

Different departments within an organization usually have a series of meetings and conferences annually. The majority of these events require some form of presentation to illustrate big data and newsworthy information in the industry. PowerPoint normally comes up as one of the most important tools for such occasions. The software normally helps with conveying vital information in a fast succinct manner. 

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In order to make your presentation captivating and achieve its intended purpose, there are several qualities it has to meet. One such quality is having a stunning template. Nowadays, a lot of sites have specialized in making PPT templates. HiSlide.io design templates are some of the most popular PowerPoint tools; they are very unique and often created to suit a variety of projects. These templates can really help someone to create a presentation within a short period of time. 

Many people normally fall a victim to putting loads of information in their presentations. This is usually accompanied by slides that are text-heavy. In this article, we’ll talk about the little things that count when creating your PPT presentation. These are simply the attributes that transform a dull presentation into a captivating and vibrant exhibition. 

Observe the 1:1 Ratio

You’ve probably heard a lot of dos and don’ts concerning the creation of slides; unfortunately, those techniques somehow fail to major on what is really important - the composition of the presentation. One effective method you should deploy when making your presentation is observing the 1:1 ratio. This simply means every slide should only have a single subject of discussion. Doing so will allow you to tackle a particular topic elaborately without cramming other topics; thus eliminating any unnecessary confusion. Furthermore, the audience also has a better chance of absorbing whatever you’ll be elaborating on.  

Turn Your Bullet Points into Valuable Pictures

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; this is especially true when it comes to PowerPoint presentation. Bullet points tend to be a poor way of displaying information besides making the presentation appear cluttered. Images can easily take your presentation to the next level by bringing life to it. Also, people have the capacity to retain pictures for a long period of time as opposed to plain texts. They can also help you explain difficult concepts faster, thereby saving a lot of time. Here’s another pro-tip; cue the pictures to display them exactly when you begin talking on a particular point. Not only will this technique help you to grab the attention of your audience, but it’ll also eliminate the poor practice of letting them read instead of listening. 

Use Unique Templates

Considering how PowerPoint presentation strongly depends on visuals, your presentation will be as effective as the templates you’ve used. If you really want your presentation to be novel and meaningful, you should definitely refrain from using the stock templates in the PPT software. Most, if not all of these templates have been used numerous times by other presenters. Your presentation would run the risk of having a dated feel. A better alternative would be creating your own templates; if designing one isn’t your thing, you can still find plenty of ready-made templates online. A lot of companies also have their own in-house presentation templates; be sure to enquire with the marketing department as this can greatly help you to get going with your presentation. 


Implementing the three points mentioned above will definitely improve your presentation. Still, endeavor to learn more ways to keep yourself abreast of how to create transcendent presentations. Delivering an exceptional presentation takes time and effort; therefore, apply any new skill you’ve learned to put yourself ahead of the game. 

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