Our Story

The Idaho Self Storage Association was chartered on 1/31/01 at the national self storage convention in Las Vegas. The first president was Robert Scott; Inaki Lete was vice president; and Doris Peterson was the secretary/ treasurer. ISSA was incorporated and acquired a 501(c)6 tax status as a non profit business association. The organization has since grown from eight members to more than 60 members who represent storage facilities statewide. The bylaws were adopted August 15, 2001 at the time of the original incorporation and they have guided the organization ever since.

The mission of the ISSA shall be to promote the self storage industry in Idaho through education and action regarding legislative issues, business operations, business management, and to foster general public awareness of the industry and its benefits.

In the eight years since its inception, the ISSA has served as the highest standard of example in the self storage industry in the state of Idaho. At each annual meeting, ISSA presents nationally acclaimed speakers such as Jeff Greenberger, Jim Chiswell, Randy Tipton, and Brad North. The organization has provided in-service and educational opportunities at both a state and national level for people new to the industry as well as for many established storage businesses desiring to upgrade their level of performance.

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