Brad Roemer Gives the Best Reasons to Knit


There are very few gifts more personal than a hand knit item, be it a blanket, jersey, or scarves. Brad Roemer will explore with you the reasons to start knitting.

Knitting is Fun

1 - Accomplishment.

Completing something from a simple string, and creating something useful to yourself, or a loved one is a fantastic feeling! Starting simple, with a dishtowel, or a coaster is a great way to get used to handling the needles and thread, and an easily accomplished goal to start with will give you the confidence to continue. There is no point in starting something so complex it would take you years to complete when you are just beginning to knit, so do as Brad Roemer did start simple, and work your way to something more complex!

2 - Meditation.

Knitting keeps the hands busy, and the mind free! When starting to knit, you may have to concentrate on what you do, but as you go along, it will get easier and easier, leaving your mind free and clear to carry on conversations and thoughts. The repetitive movement of knitting acts as a meditation aid if you will, allowing you to have clear and concise thoughts.

3 - Helps with dexterity.

Surprisingly enough, knitting will help maintain healthy joints in the hands and may alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Brad Roemer is able to keep nimble hands by to keep the knitting needles going. There are two methods of knitting, and both may help keeping those fingers nimble and those joints in better health. Why else would the best works were done by grandmothers! Years of knitting have kept the joints well oiled and ready to go!

4 - Creation.

Being able to create your own works is invigorating! One of our favorite aspect of knitting is certainly being able to conceptualize a piece of work and creating it. At first, it may be difficult to achieve, but with time and practice, making your own pieces will be easier. You might also find yourself having an easier time with the creative aspect of your daytime work. Be it puzzle solving, or spotting errors, your daytime job will benefit from this passive past time.

5 - Fashion

Being able to create and accessorize your wardrobe is very satisfying. A nice wool cap, with matching scarf and gloves for the cool Autumn days is perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of knitting. Knitting that perfect jersey, that fits all your curves is better than finding one premade at the store. Our spot-on accessorizing is in part due to his ability to knit his own pullovers.


There are many reasons to start knitting, but the important thing is to start slowly, with easily attainable works, and working up to more complex pieces. A perfect blanket for the newborn, or that cozy thick blanket for those cold winter nights. Join Brad Roemer in this relaxing pastime and start creating.  Do not be afraid to start over, nothing, in knitting, is ever complete until the last stitch is closed!

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