How To Write A Philosophy Paper At The Last Minute

There are various circumstances that may lead students to wait till the deadline is near so that they can complete their assignments. However, this practice is not exclusive to students as university tutors have been known to also do their work at the last minute. In order to successfully complete your essay at the last minute, philosophy paper writers have identified important factors to consider.

Students are advised to avoid overthinking by inventing profound ideas. In most cases, such ideas are proven incorrect and may cost a student important marks. Additionally, our writers advise students to avoid using controversial ideas when developing their philosophies. For instance, a student of philosophy might choose to question the existence of God by asking why He lets certain calamities befall people. This argument is not entirely incorrect but it is too general. It is inadvisable for a student of philosophy to go about opposing all logical arguments as a way of developing their thoughts. When developing a philosophical concept, students need to understand that being specific when developing a philosophical thesis is the ultimate goal. Whenever a philosophical statement deviates to oppose more than one thesis, it becomes vulnerable to objections. Therefore, statements need to be specific and focused.

Students should strive to make logical arguments when developing philosophical questions. For instance, a student can argue that because R, S and T combined, therefore U was formed. In defending such a philosophy, the student can address concerns about S by pointing out that S exists because of Q. The philosophy above focuses on proving how U is formed. Additionally, it also limits its truths about proving the relevance of S. The philosophy avoids digressing and making the argument about S by giving few truths about S. This argument is logical and focused on proving U.

The following section consists of the format developed by expert essay writers for hire on how to write a quality philosophy paper in the shortest time possible. According to this writers, a good philosophical essay should include an introduction, the main argument, an objection to the argument, response to the objection and finally the conclusion. We discuss these aspects in details.


In this section, the student states for the first time the topic to be discussed in the essay. Usually, this is an existing thesis developed by a famous philosopher. The introduction should be short while consisting of not more than four sentences.

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A student may choose to discuss a philosophical statement made by a certain person. The introduction may take the following shape.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and argues that the concept of beauty is subjective. By making this argument, the philosopher assumes that everyone sees beauty differently. In this essay, I will seek to prove that there is a universal standard for beauty that can be seen by everyone.

In this introduction, the student appreciates the arguments made by the original author. This is a very specific statement. However, the student makes clear his/her intentions to oppose this argument and propose a new argument. This new argument then makes for the thesis statement of the student. The student can take around five minutes and ensures that the student’s ideas are both logical and short. Despite waiting until the last minute to start documenting your thesis, we assume the argument has been on the mind of the student the entire time. Sometimes student might go ahead and write his/her arguments as points on a piece of paper. This will make it easier and save time when the student is writing the essay in prose form.


The original argument considers that beauty is subjective and that what one considers to be beautiful may be considered ugly by another person. In my argument, I counter this claim by asserting that beauty is universal and what is beautiful can be seen by everyone. In my argument, I will give an explanation about a concept called set theory. Set theory is a topic in mathematics that is applied in the analysis of intangible theories. A set consists of various items and any object is either in a particular set or it is not. It is not possible to duplicate an object in a set but it is possible to have a set within a larger set. Therefore, we should determine how the set theory can be applied to our thesis statement.

Evidence 1: If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then it can be seen.

Evidence 2: If beauty can be seen, then there are brain receptors that interpret beauty

Evidence 3: If these brain receptors exist then they are in all human beings

Evidence 4: If they are the same in all human beings the interpretation is the same

Conclusion: Therefore beauty is interpreted the same by all

This argument is simply an outline. The student is however expected to elaborate on such arguments in prose form so that they may come up with an essay. The first evidence states that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we can therefore conclude that beauty is visible. In the second argument, we determine that there are certain brain receptors that are needed in order to correctly interpret beauty. The third evidence then alleges that because these receptors are present in all humans, the interpretation of beauty is therefore universal. We can therefore conclude that what is beautiful to one human is also beautiful to another because the brain receptors are the same. By arranging your points in this way, it is very easy to think of possible objections that may arise from your essay. Once you have identified the possible objections to your essay, it is easy to find possible objections that may arise. Writing this section may consume about 30-45 minutes.


In this section, the student objects to his/her work. There are several objections that can be deduced from our argument. The first evidence suggests that beauty is visible. However, not all beauty is visible and sometimes beauty may refer to an individual’s character and not their physical appearance. Therefore, the set theory in evidence one is false because not all beauty is physical but sometimes beauty is about character. This is a very good objections and it shows the tutor your ability to critical thinking. Therefore, this part can be done in a couple of minutes if the students engage this format. By being critical of their work, the students are considered credible for their work.


The objection that beauty is not limited to physical beauty but also in terms of beauty of character. However, even character is subjective. There are people whose character is aggressive. Some people will frown upon such character while others will embrace individuals with such character. This statement therefore pokes holes in the objection. It can therefore be determined that beauty, both of character and physical, are subjective and they lie in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, evidence one can still be considered to be correct. The student can take less than half an hour to complete this section.


The conclusion is a summary of our basic arguments and it usually consists of around three sentences. Here, the student summarizes all the key points. The student may choose to elaborate on the evidence presented in the argument.

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