Person Center Treatment Method At Memory Care Facilities

Gone are the days when an institution will have to impose their ideas on the best practice for caring for seniors suffering from dementia and other related health conditions. It’s the 21st century, a time where a person-centered approach is gradually taking the lead across all institutions. Memory care facilities in Dallas TX are no exception. They provide a more individualized service to seniors in their custody.

Patient-Centered Medical Home: A new model for medical care - Harvard Health  Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

For example, a traditional memory care facility will ensure all residents wake up at a specific time. They will make sure that they follow this standard routine to the core. One of the reasons for these strict rules is because they tend to bring calm to chaotic situations. Patients suffering from dementia can be chaotic at times, especially when you have a handful of them in one location, it can be difficult to manage. This is why most healthcare facilities adopt the rules and standardization approach.

Thankfully, memory care facilities in Dallas TX are embracing a person-centered approach to caring for dementia patients. In this situation, residents, for instance, are allowed to sleep and wake up when they want. Their sleeping pattern has to be a natural process. This notion is believed to help residents feel more at home and relaxed.

However, some memory care facility owners believe a combination of both the traditional method and the permissive approach is a great idea. While the permissive approach brings about flexibility in the ways things are done, the traditional method ensures that residents do not go against the rules and regulations guiding the facility. A mixed approach can somewhat be a welcomed development.

Freedom And Safety

Memory care facilities in Dallas TX are doing everything possible to strike a balance between resident care and their work life. Balancing safety and freedom can be overwhelming. There are particular seasons in a year when you need to pay close attention to the health of senior residents due to their weakened immune system. For instance, frail residents are prevented from doing certain activities to prevent a fall. This impediment can sometimes threaten their freedom. Most memory care providers sometimes keep residents locked up in their rooms, or permanently placed on wheelchairs to restrict movement. In a worst   case scenario, they use all kinds of medications to restrain residence from moving around.

Thankfully, modern memory care facilities in Dallas TX have developed new ways to ensure residents stay safe while preventing the possibility of a fall without restricting movement. Residents have the right to freedom. These facilities turn to restraints as the only last resort after exhausting all options. A person-centered memory care facility employs other options to prevent residents from falling and hurting themselves. One way to do this is by increasing the number of staff in the facility. This way, residents will be in the company of a staff who would assist them to move around. The possibility of falling has been completely eliminated. This doesn’t negate the fact that fall won’t happen, but it will happen on rare occasions. Adequate staffing ratio guarantees safety and freedom for residents. 

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