Three Website Structure Elements That Impact Search Engine Optimization

Most of the marketers believe that the keywords are solely responsible for a website’s ranking. Their prime focus revolves mostly around fixing the key phrase arrangements to keep them relevant through the web pages. On the other hand, apart from the keywords, some of the site elements are also crucial to a site’s ranking. They can greatly impact website’s SEO prospects, website structure happens to be one of them. A site’s structure determines the way it has been organized internally. The structure does not necessarily indicate its physical appearance, but also the way in which the site pages have been interlinked.

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A well organized site structure is crucial for search engine optimization. Without fixing the gaps pertaining to the site’s structure, you cannot obtain utmost benefits out of your SEO efforts. Check out this site for more details

Below are three crucial considerations that you must look into in order to strength your Search Engine Optimization

Website’s Crawlability

Website’s crawlability is crucial in terms of its appearance in the search results. The term refers to the search engine’s ability to crawl through the website in order to establish what the site’s content is all about.  If crawling your site halts for any reason, it can lead to issues for SEO. Through the crawling process, the robots navigate through the subpages and exclusive topics to determine the different elements of the site a whole. A site is considered to be crawlable if the pages are interlinked accurately and pose no issues for the users in navigating one place to another.

Internal Linking

Internal linking of your site is another important aspect that impacts the SEO. The terminology refers to the entire navigation scheme that a site adopts to boost the site’s user experience and accessibility. The basic idea behind the navigation is that a random user should be able to find that one page to another without any issues. If a site contains over several pages, it is a challenge to ensure accessibility of any page with just a few clicks.

Managing your website’s navigation and internal linking is very easy. You must organize and categorize the navigation link as per the segments they are related to.

User Experience

Make note that poor user experience can affect all your SEO negatively. While browsing your site if a user is unable to determine how to get the desired information, they will exit it immediately to find it somewhere else. Google takes into account the user interaction with a site using different metrics, including the bounce rate, time spent on the website, and click through rate etc.

To ensure better user experience, you must align click-through with expectations and ensure quick along with easy access to the desired information.

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