What They See Is What They Know

First impressions last. Whether true or not, you can be judged by the way you look or the way you present yourself to others. So it is important that you won’t give them the wrong notion about who you are. Same goes to your home. Neighbors and people passing by might assume what your personality is by just glancing at your window, at your main door, or perhaps to your garage. You definitely know who you really are, and to avoid them from making negative assumptions against you, or perhaps your family, you could brighten up and beautify your curb.

Between the Street and Your Upfront     

Traditionally, curbs limit the boundary between the main street and the path leading to the front of your house. They provide structural support to the edge of the sidewalks, eventually preventing soil erosion to take place. Moreover, curbs also give safety both to drivers and pedestrians. In the present times, curbs have practically become part of the urban residential areas. Because of this, households should also consider them as part of their homes. Thus, proper ornamentations and maintenance are encouraged to be done to them.

The Need of Improving Your Curb’s Appeal

The improving curb appeal  is the most external house portion that is seen by your neighbors, your visitors, or even by random people passing by your street. This is the main reason why you have to keep your facade attractive and neat as much as possible if you want to send a positive message to them.

Also, the way your house physically looks like somewhat reflects your personality(neat or clumsy), your preferences (common or specific), and your habits (hygienic or messy) --- from the choice of your wall paint color, your interior and exterior designs, the cleanliness of the spot, up to the way you keep the driveway spic-and-span.

Furthermore, the atmosphere of the home can have a psychological effect on you. It can lighten your mood or make you feel relaxed when you stare at the cool color of your front door or perhaps when you pass by the shrubs and flowers that you planted. However, glimpsing at the garage junks or the old faded curtains by the window might add up to the stress and anxiety you feel.

Lastly, improving the appeal of your curb also enhances the safety of the area. Making your driveway tidy or installing lamps or lanterns may help the pedestrians and other drivers to be reminded about the purpose of curbs in the street system. If you de-clutter your garage, you might also reduce the chance of having your family be contacted with pathogenic microorganisms and harmful insects.

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